Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Mass Text Messaging?

Mass text messaging is when you send a text to more than one person at a time. It could be hundreds or thousands. Notigraph allows you to reach your entire audience moments after pressing send.

Q: What makes Notigraph different from competitors?

Notigraph is a privacy first platform that keeps all phone and other personal information private. A user/creator's real number will never be shared with anyone, ever.

Further, our pay as you go pricing structure is extremely competitive and offers a flexible alternative to those expensive monthly charges the other guys charge!

Q: How do I create a group?

After logging in -> Dashboard -> Create a Group

Q: How do I send a message to my Notigraph group?

After logging in -> Dashboard -> Mouseover or click group name -> Manage -> Type your message in the provided text area and click send Notigraph.

Q: How do I add followers to my Notigraph group?

There are two ways to get followers for your Notigraph groups. You can put your group link in your description and social media posts/bios (group link is located at: dashboard -> mouseover (or click) group name -> manage -> Group Link).

Alternatively, users can search your username from the dashboard and select any of your public groups to subscribe to.

Q: How do I add messages or upgrade to a monthly premium account on Notigraph?

To upgrade your account to premium (removes ads from your messages, unlocks multi segment length messages (longer messages), & unlocks unlimited groups):

After logging in -> Account -> Manage Account -> Upgrade to Premium -> Select the plan for you (currently our basic monthly premium is the only subscription offering).

To buy more messages that don't expire:

After logging in -> Account -> Purchase more messages -> select the plan that is appropriate for you (remember these messages don't expire).

Q: How can I import my contacts to Notigraph?

Notigraph is not like other texting services, we are a privacy and validation first platform. Each user that signs up will never have their phone number shared. Because of this, we don't allow the importing of contacts and you'll need to let your followers know to follow your newly minted Notigraph group.

Q: If I don't create groups, what makes Notigraph special for me?

We keep your number private, permanently. We send you the notifications from groups you subscribe to without ever sharing your personal details with the group creators (or anyone).

You can have confidence in knowing that no one will retain your personal information or send you messages that you do not want. No one can sell or use your number, because they don't have it! The only information shared to a group creator is your username.