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Start building your text list in minutes, without a credit card or trial period. Enjoy the benefits of reaching your entire audience with high-speed message delivery. Click below to start building your audience today. There's no reason to wait, it's free.

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Create your notigraph account in 3 easy steps:

→ input your number
→ receive verification code
→ input username and password


After creating your first group, you'll have the tools to start growing. Simply put the group link in your descriptions & social media bios. Share it anywhere you have an audience.


We don’t serve ads or sell personal information. We invest in our artists and influencers with a free tier that doesn’t have a trial period or require a credit card on file to get started. We bet on your success.

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Notigraph protects the privacy of everyone on the platform, at all times. Followers that sign up for notifications from their favorite artists and influencers have confidence their privacy is paramount. Your audience will respect you for respecting them.

manage your groups

As a group owner you can actively manage your following by sending direct text messages to all of your followers, view previous text messages sent, see who is following you, and remove or ban any user as you see fit. Manage your following with confidence and ease.

improve your conversions

Users will no longer hesitate to sign up for your SMS notifications when they know they are in control of their data. With the high click-through and open rate of SMS messages, you can drive instant traffic to your cause (whether that is a new music video, new merchandise release, or something else).

top grade security

We take industry standard approaches to securing and protecting our users’ information. Our highest priority is keeping your private information safe. We will never sell your data, we won't even use it ourselves without your permission.